– Shein scam

Reported By: N MARGEMAN

Contact information: US

They advertise themselves as a business that offers part-time or full-time work. You(buyer) are instructed to purchase items on behalf of a merchant with YOUR money that you were told to transfer to one of their many accounts in order to obtain a crazy big commission after you have completed your order(task). My mentor “Amanda” reassures you the entire time, the more money the item costs, the bigger your commission will be, here’s the tricky part, once you have transferred money to their account, it automatically shows on the platform you’re using, so you see your money, you also see it decreases as you purchase items on the merchants behalf, you see your commission, you see the profit you made for the day, but out of the blue you get an item that depletes your balance so you have to RECHARGE( transferring more money from your account) to have enough to make the purchase in order to get your commission. All YOUR COMMISSION is “Frozen ” unless you RECHARGE, keep in mind, you can’t use the previous commission you made to add to your current balance in order to have sufficient funds to purchase current item. The items that you’re said to purchase keeps getting more and more expensive and that’s how they get you, you’re consistently going to have to RECHARGE your account on the platform, no commission will be paid, you can’t withdraw any of your money at all! It’s a huge scam, please be careful, she calls herself AMANDA (the woman I’ve been in contact with) acting like your mentor.

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* Go to page
* Write in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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