COMMONFLOOR – Fake Interview Process, full of politics, they’ll hire only influenced candidates.

Do not ever trust this company if they come to your campus in the name of campus recruitment. Believe me, I am one of the many ‘commonfloor victims’. They only make you wait, wait, wait, for nothing!

They visited our campus, took 200 rupees per head as ‘interview fee’. That is alright. We had written aptitude for the first round, which was pretty good. For the selected candidates, the next round was ‘website development’. We were given a month of time and was asked to build and host a website on one of the ten areas given. Okay, I sat for all nights and built one, bought the domain and hosting, paying them.

For review, believe it or not, a guy working in HR department was there to evaluate our website! I explained everything about the IDE, language and tools I used, he was simply nodding, making all my efforts to make him understand, a complete waste. He was only looking at the look of the website. I know that matters, but we are developers, not designers!

Alright, I got through it, and they told us to wait for the next round, which would be a face to face with the company president. We waited for two months and whenever we call them regarding the next round, the only response which we used to get was that the president is out of station, wait till he comes back. God knows, he must have gone to the Mars.

One fine day, they called us to the office, made us wait for another two hours than the scheduled time. And this guy, the president, did nothing but what the HR guy did in last round! He simply looked at our website and asked for some enhancement. Luckily, he had some technical knowledge. He gave us 15 days of time for the enhancements asked. We did it, waited for another one month. Again we were called for the so called Final Round.

We were interviewed by one of their engineers, he was really good at it, and we all had a technical interview. About me, I answered all of his questions and he was impressed. We were told that we would be informed shortly about the selected candidates.

We waited for another month. At this time we had finished our Engineering! Still waiting, calling them, getting some silly answers. At last, the results came and God knows why, all of us were rejected.

Not only in our college, it is the SAME case in every college they have visited. They simply collect 200 rupees, conduct some dummy rounds, ruining our time.

I strongly advice you not to attend the interview of this company. Even if you do, have a back up. DO NOT TRUST COMMONFLOOR.

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