Complaint against Colista Tower, vaishali Sector 1 GZB

I am deceived by Mr Rana Tiwari, Owner of his Proposed Project Colista Tower, Vaishali Sector 1 GZB.I have paid Rs 10,80,506 to book a flat in Feb 2012. The company has not sought the approval of the project from GDA. He is not even refunding my money. I have cancelled my booking. He has issued the cheque, but the cheque got dishonored. Now company is not refunding me my Hard earned money.

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  1. i totally aggree with you can you send me your details on my mail id. I am also suffering for the same problem generated by this Colista tower person.

      1. If u are also deceived by colista tower, please join me as I have filed the case against Colista Tower in the court.
        Ph 9968288176

  2. I am also suffering from the same problem . Let’s join hands against this fraudster .Contact me on 9818705098

  3. It’s the same situation here. We have booked the flat in Jan 2012 , invested around Rs 10 Lakhs and we were told by the employees of KW Holding / Colista Towers that they will start the construction or do Bhumipujan in few weeks….from that day till today, we are hearing the same old repetitive story that it will start in 2 weeks or holi or rakshabandhan or diwaali…or some bullshit big guy from US is going to come to India for inauguration/bhoomi puan…..if they have no other answers or run out of excuses then they will blame it on UP government or Mulayam Singh’s family…It is more than 2 1/2 years that I have invested my hard earned money in a hope that they will start the construction and I will finally have a place to call home, my first home…but my hopes are shrinking with each passing day..we tried contacting them but they don’t respond to phone calls or letters sent…Let’s all come together, whoever has invested the money in this project and file a cheating case against the company/project…Thank Mr. Rajender & Pradeep for sharing your mobile number…I will call you as soon as possible…Let’s gather as many people as possible to give a hard push to this momentum against these cheaters…