Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd( Gurgaon) – Convergys Gurgaon Mohinder Singh

Convergys Gurgaon is a shity place to work for, Why? because I HAVE WORKED FOR THIS COMPANY. There is Team Leader by the Mohinder Singh who is nothing but a S.O.B (If you know what I mean). In order to keep your job you have to kiss his A**. This company is full of insecure a**h****. I worked for a process called Orange mobile, where agents actually lie to the customer, they will say ” Sir a replacement phone has been arranged you will get it 48 hrs”. 48 hrs later when customer calls and you check the customer’s account, to your surprise you will find that no replacement was booked for the customer. I know because this has happened to me, my friends it has happened to them as well, by these two friends are from Manipur.Since, I refused kiss my Team leaders a** (whose name is mentioned above), he harassed me a lot as a result I resigned, because I have a lot of self-respect. This team leader is nothing but an IDIOT.

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  1. i have worked for convergys orange in atria for a long more than 2 years. i was working with this strange creature mohinder singh. he is a male prost.. most tenured people in atria office of orange process in convergys are aware of it.