Conviction Patna – Fraud

Please don’t deal with this bastard peoples company conviction I have many call recordings thatwhere I’m asking for my payment and if not the update of it , but still these bastards are not refunding even for our payouts we fought and they use to ignore our mails nor answer our calls I invested in systems employees salary everything’s lost because of this bastrard company. Let me tell you names of bastard company owners Avneesh, top most bastard is Shashank and Roma who can do anything for money but after our money received by them we our like beggers for them, when we ask data to prove they ignore and cancel agreement and don’t refund our money ,, these sort of people can sell their mother sister also in name of outsourcing , cheap bastards ,,,,, many supporting data with me as I’m filing an official police complaint against them ,,, please guys don’t loose your hard earned money on these prostitutes….

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  1. hi ,

    GREAT one I know that you’re not Roma if you were you could have got a mail below which I and you’re director of firm Mr,Avneesh has responded and document for my refund,

    Below is the mail for you’re reference and also mentioned that you( Roma) , and Shashank should not intervence in between as Mr.Avneesh and me our in continues maiks ,

    hi manish,

    watever you did, watever shashank did…… roma did leave aside………… we will refund ur security deposit till 21st june.. i could have done from my pocket also but as a business guy i return as per client refund status.. so do not worry we will do it..

    regarding postings, i read your mail and was shocked to see lot of thngs.. but its past let it be… i am more concerned about conviction…

    let the post be… after payment you can take a call on it…

    no more fury mails….as i am more int construction do drop me a text reminding me on 17th i would be highly thankful..

    shashank and roma: no further ntervention please.

    And where you have told the forum to check the details herein I have attached all the mails sent to you and Shashank seeking for support but no support from you’re side,,,,,

    And you questioning my identity I just should laugh on it as you called me many times where you were begging for registration fees for which I also have call recordings , I cannot post here as its not allowed in fact was posting all the communication mails but forum is not letting me do, and anyways when you’re director has promised my refund then makes no sense to answer you, also below is the final mail sent by me marking all conviction team , so you should be aware of it ,,

    Dear Avneesh,

    I’m very pleased by your mail and satisfied as per you’re commitment so definitely I would remove my blog after my refund,

    We were about to take 30 seats from conviction but as you said leave past behind, but please also try to understand if someone is taking process from you’re company at least we need full support for initial days…

    Thanking again Mr.Avneesh and will surely remind you on 17june,   

    I think this is enough for the forum , and again for forum if you want some more proves please tell me ,,,..

  2. hi,
    first of all i would like to bringinto everyone notice conviction started in 2011 and we are working on only one project and still successfully doing it with current 1285 members enrolled for past 23 months.. it might be the case that we have not been able to provide the amount of support expected from them in last 23 months but till date we have paid each and every centre every single pennny….

    we have been working with centres in india in almost all part….. many a times cases are dere when i attend a call there are very cheap talks from other side which i am exteremely not comfortable with and as a female i give them the answer they deserve the best. i have no regrets on giving them those answers… on that basis if i am called a prostitute then itsperfectly fine with me…..

    regarding this post, i will not comment on what basis they have done this and what is the reason behind as no contact information and identity has been provided by provider……….. we will appreciate the concerned person mr manish and one more guy navjotsingh to come up with contact information here so that proper solution can be provided……

    one more request to complaintbusiness team, please validate the post and do take proper evidence from parties so that a firm image and genuineity is not spoiled and understood by a random post…….

    everyone kindly understand it takes a lot of effort to maintain a firm image as well as please do not use such languages to a girl at least.. i am not hidden personality…

    any further enquiries i can be reached at 919955601666

  3. Its true I have been cheated for 20,0000 and they are not answering my calls , I think they need donation for their mother and sister in patna for second marriage and hence they are cheating others