Country Vacations – Membership Cancellation & Refund

I am Sunil Kumar from Bangalore and I been requesting you to cancel my membership due to bad service of Country vacations. My membership number is CVBG1BCLUB5LB150458. Please see below: This is with reference to my membership number CVBG1BCLUB5LB150458 in the name of Mr. Sunil Kumar, we had visited your sale office in Sarajpur,Bangalore on 25th Jun 2013 where Mr. Gowda, Mr. Uday Raju and Ms. Sukanya had attended us and discussed about the membership of Country Vacations. All the three persons discussed the Country Club Vacation Membership facility and benefits and offered us various facilities and packages which found attractive that time and they promised us that we can book rooms in Le meridian, Marriot, Leela Palace, etc . Below is the list of services/ products offered and actual status 1. I can take a holiday for 7 days in a year and they were booked 10- 45 days in advance then I would get a week free, (India or Abroad), Out of the country they have tie ups where i need to pay only taxes for my accommodation which would be 5star or 7 star. For International holidays through RCI exchange program they will charge of Rs 2000-12500 for every week of stay wherever they do not have their properties. ? Yet not availed but most of the times whenever enquired dates were not available. 2. Life long Gold card membership to all the country club resorts and I would be provided a free entry across all their existing clubs and can use all the facilities there, whether it be gym, spa, swimming, games etc. ? Totally false, everything is chargeable 3. The 14 days can be either used the same year,or carried over to next year, or can be borrowed from next year etc – False 4. 20-40% discounts on domestic/international airfare and can avail the benefit of residing at any of the country clubs India/abroad for free of cost (free accommodation) and also said that they also offer free sightseeing . – Totally False 5. I would be provided a free entry across all their existing clubs and can use all the facilities there, whether it be gym, spa, swimming, games etc. ? Totally false, everything is chargeable . The cards issued to us are not even given weightage by the representatives there. 6. Spa membership which includes 30 ayurvedic massages either for me or any family members absolutely free. – ? It is not totally free, you have to shell out Rs 350/- per massage. 7.Use of party halls in any country club 7 times a year along with cook,vessels,kitchen free with a capacity of 1000 to 2000 people , where for arranging a party I will need to pay only the fooding part rest all will be borne by them . ?Nothing available free of cost, you need to pay out for everthing. 8. The membership can be transferred to some other person or the company itself will sell it through its TAG agents for the market price prevailing at that period for a charge of 5% of actual amount. ? Totally false 9. HDFC Life insurance for 6 Lakh rupees. 3 lakhs for me and 3 lakhs for my wife plus medical insurance of 50k each in case of accidents . – No such insurance received . 10. We have been committed by your staff that one party in a year is allowed free of cost at Country club or affiliated clubs, but no such written confirmation is given to us for the same. ? Yet to check. 11. They promised us that we book rooms in other properties apart from Country club properties which incudes Le Meridien, Marriot, Leela Palace, etc – When I tried booking room at Le meridian, the customer care explained that cannot book rooms other than country club properties. I have taken the Country Club membership and paid Rs 70,000/-. I have made this transaction with axis bank for amount Rs. 61,000/- and with Standard chartered bank with Rs. 5,000/- and Rs.4,000/- on the faith that you will provide us all such facilities which you have been offered to us in the meeting by your sales team. However we found that all such commitments given to us during that meeting are incorrect and false. It is a duty of the Sales Team to guide the customers not to cheat the customers which is absolutely against the business ethics and code of conduct. I am unable to understand that your sales team is misleading the customers or your sales team. Your Sales Branch Office is offering absolutely different facilities and benefits which have not been confirmed by neither your customer care nor by your club staff members. I am requesting you cancel Country Club Membership and Country Vacations Membership and and refund our membership fees of Rs 70,000/- to be refunded back as this amount was taken by misguiding us and on false commitments given by your Sales Team. Please help me to get my money back.

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