Cppmall – I have lost almost Rs 130000 company is asking for more money now asking for 60580 more

Reported By: Ashok maurya

Contact information:
https:// cppmall.in/index/user/register/invite_code/880727.html

An MSG came on my whatsapp number number for part time job which came from a company named Cppmall ,” hello sir/madam. My name is James Ratcliffe. I’m a recruiter at Malcon. Part-time staff will be recruited. Daily salary of 3000-20000 rupees.” I got in touch with a man named Jimmy on telegram, this man has grabbed 130000 rupees from me, still he is demanding 60580 rupees from me, he is saying that if you have 608949 If you want Rs. 10% tax means if you pay Rs.60580 to the company as a proof, then your account will send Rs.60,8149 to the company, but this company will not send my money to me I know that’s why I am complaining against this company I have to withdraw all my money from this company Has grabbed a lot of money from me, I have been looted a lot of money by pretending to earn more commission, I was told that if you complete 15 orders then you will get more money in the form of commissn Initially I did a recharge of Rs 100 on this platform, after that I got Rs 240, out of which 5% tax was deducted in my account. got 160 rs i thought truth can earn more money from here then i submitted for next order then i had to recharge 500 rs for that i did 500 rs recharge from my account after that money I got 15 orders at one go, I was told that you should complete 15 orders, then you can deposit as much commission as you can in your account, then I started investing money on each order separately. I was asked to invest money in someone 9000, 10000 in some, 13000 in some, 21000 in some, then in some 27000 then 30000 in some, not a single penny was used, then in some 33000 then in some 39000 in this way, I have invested about 130000 rupees then when I completed 15 orders, then I got a lot more. Commission money was made, then I tried to deposit this money in my account, then a message came from the finance department and it was written in it that if your commission money is more, then you should tax 5% of all this money in advance. I have to pay 27680 then after that when I tried to deposit my money in my account again message came from finance department that this amount is too much you can not deposit it in your account like this Now your amount is Rs 608149, to transfer it to your account 10% tax of this amount means Rs 60580 and will have to be paid, after that you can transfer Rs 608149 in your account means this The company is still asking for 60580 from me


How to file a complaint against Cppmall?

* Go to page
* Write Cppmall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Cppmall.

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