– Poor Quality and Cheating company – very very worst service

Reported By: Jaynthi

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They are showing some very good image of silk saree for Rs. 1500/- but when we receive the saree by courier we will be shocked, since the saree which we have received by courier is worth only for Rs. 100/- but they would have collected Rs. 1500/-

I have sent so many mails to but they are not at all responding and no phone numbers to contact them also. I was not able to return the saree and get my money back. It is such a fraud company and no one should get cheated like this, so do not purchase any saree from them online, then you will be shocked and you will not get your money. Beware of this fraud company

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  1. Worst product. I want to return my order but they have asked me to self courier .and after they will revise it than only they will return by hard money that also only on wollet. This is really pethatic. I am feeling helpless .very poor return policy. I am feeling trapped

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