CREDAI – Fraud by CREDAI associated member – RCL Homes

RCL homes (associated with CREDAI) has been conducting fraud since last 1.5 years at least. In spite of swindling peoples money and not returning them, they have been very easily been taking part in various MCHI-CREDAI exhibitions and trying to fool more people by taking their money. I met them in a few MCHI-CREDAI exhibitions myself about 2.5-3 years ago and I felt them to be trust worthy because they were associated with CREDAI and taking part in their exhibition. They were showcasing a scheme by which I invest 7 lakh for 14 months, they grant me ownership of an upcoming small room in their Ten Square property in Karjat as a surety and they pay me 2% interest for 14 months after which they would return the principal of 7 lakh rupees back. I visited the property and checked and then invested in April 2012. We signed a MoU containing all the terms. They gave 14 post dated cheques of 14000 rs – one for each month. Only the first 2 cheques were honoured. All the other cheques bounced because of insufficient funds from their side. In MoU they mentioned that a studio apartment at Ten Square project in Karjat is in my name in case they default. After the MoU the various builder of Ten Square split and the project plan and all other details have also been modified and no one ever bothered to inform me. The supposed apartment that is mentioned in the MoU was supposed to be ready 1 year ago. But there is no work happening in that area since more than a year and the apartment may not get ready ever as well. So now there is nothing that can be done of that apartment as well. They have been postponing giving even the 14000 rs per month since that time. I ahve made at least 300+ calls to various people in RCL, I have personally visited at least 20 times and met various people. I have been interacting with Vaishali and Meenal from RCL since last November and they have been giving false promises of giving the money in 2-3 months time since then. I am sure more people like me have been a victim of such fraud from RCL and others. Finally, RCL today confirmed that they are not going to give me money back and hence I am going to do all that is legally necessary to get my hard earned money and the agreed interest back. CREDAI are allowing fraudsters to use their name and take part in their exhibitions.

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