Creekinn Holidays World Pvt Ltd – Grievance

Reported By: Savitha666

Contact information:
Creekinn Holidays World Pvt Ltd

In July 2022, during this company’s promotional event, we purchased this package.

Although you had promised a luxurious resort vacation, all we received was a modest three-star hotel.

There is no free breakfast.
It’s paid for.
We found out when we tried to make a reservation, despite the fact that you had previously made a breakfast promise to us.
Additionally, breakfast must be purchased in order to secure a reservation for lodging; the cost is Rs. 400 per person, and we’ve reserved a package for four people for ten years.

In that situation, we would have to spend 400*4*90*10 (400 per person + 4 people in a 90-day package + 10 years), which is absurd and outrageous and equals Rs. 144000 (1.4 Lakhs).
Additionally, I paid the Rs. 12075 required for the annual maintenance cost, which is Rs. 11500 + 5% GST, in advance in order to reserve the room.

A resort named Tamara was promised to us.
You told us that was not available when we attempted to reserve that.
Even though Coorg was not available, we requested it.
You offered us lodging in Mysore.
We don’t need a membership with you to visit Mysore (creekinn).
On our own, we can travel.

Landlines are useless.
No one to speak with.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Creekinn Holidays World Pvt Ltd.

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