CV is a fraud

I have been receiving calls from 0120 4855250, 0120 4855950 and 0120 6142840. The calling team introduced themself from, pretending they are extended arm of and assured me job in reputed MNC’s after i fill up the details online and make a the required payment.

I told them to pick my resume from itself to which they gave no clear answers.

Asked them about the job profile and job location to which they said everything will be as per your preference after you fill up the form online.

I disconnected the call and came to know many more instances of fraud by this company.

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  1. this is redicules , they take our money without proper guideness for job oppurtunities.When i wanted to make this as an report in NDTV even they tell that we have go to police .

    I do not think going to police will resolve this problem any one has to raise a voice against such websites . And request our goverment to take proper actions against such website generators.

    They make so many laws which are really irrelavant and not ready to stand againt such issues.

    I totally disappointed to tell that i am INDIAN ,where ever we put our step it will be filled with filthy .

    1. Dear All, me too getting phone calls from +911204921550 asking to fill the form and pay the money, am not getting confidence in their explanation of placement , how can i first pay money and get the required info later…looks like fraud