CVnaukri and Insight outsourcing – Reg Money, Refund

I have Paid in Cvnaukri for JOB career 15000/- in Dec and there was no call from Jan 15 onwards , i got a call from insightoutsourcing Reg Refund on April 28th … they Told me first 5k we will return 20000/- total amount in 30 mins, after that 10k and Very nexy day 4200, after some few days 10k and Now May 23rd 2014 Saying me MOre 5K, They Me life in Risk, how shoud i get my Total money Without doing any payment. So Please help me our from this, its my life and Death issue.

Note : I wont do any More Payments again Very Serious I am my life and Death.
And the Phone Number I have got are 9990159705/9990147610/9990159704/9990159837

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