Cvnaukri pvt ltd – Fraud and cheating of rs 7900 done

They called me saying we provide best placements in mncs in India and dubai. I was in a need of job and so I said ok I will fwd u my details. For that they said u have to make a one time pymt of rs 1600 and this will be reimbursed in ur first salary. I said ok and I made this pmt and they told me that our verifier will call u after 15 min. Then this verifier called and he told me to pay another 2300 rs for which my order I’d will be created. I told him that I was told only abt 1600 rs and not 2300 rs so he said no other pmt will be asked for and this will also be reimbursed in first salary. Issa mad to do that and I made that pmt also. Another person whom he then transferred the call said u have to pay 4000 rs. I kept begging them to return me the money I have paid them but he said we cannot do that and that all this money will be reimbursed in first salary. I thought this would be the last pmt and then at least my job id will be created and I will get the said job ie CEO or Sr. manager in axis bank. Like a fool I paid them 4000 also. By thus time I was thinking that I have paid all the money and now every thing is fine. But just then another call was transferred and I learnt that I again have to pay 12000 rs. By this time I was in a shock. I wapas crying and begging them to return my money but they kept saying that if u pay this 12000 then only u will get that job of axis bank or else we will only be able to provide u services for 8000 rs which u have paid us. I want to tell u my complete monthly expense is 8000 rs and now I am helpless and don’t know what to do . Please help me recover my money

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