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Reported By: Mary Tseng

Contact information:
Cynthia Winchester

I contacted Cynthia in early February 2018 about buying an iPhone X from her. She uses (484) 282-7855 and (601) 531-2391 to text me. Things very quickly went south, and being the trusting person I was, even though I saw the red flags, I really wanted it to be true and gift the phone to my uncle who is dying of cancer. This was his dying wish. To make a very long story short, it’s been 2 months and I’m still trying to get my money back or get the phone. She asked for Western Union payments in the US then Nigeria, Africa (RED FLAG ugh!) and at first it was just for 1 phone, then when I didn’t receive it she said they accidentally put 2 other phones in the package. I sent money to Michael Chukwuakpu in Lagos, Nigeria. So I paid for those, then she said they accidentally put another phone and 2 Macbooks in the package. She gave me a fake tracking company that showed the package going from Dubai to Mexico, to Canada, to Texas, to New York, anywhere but Seattle where I’m at. I’ve stupidly paid out $3, 474 because each time she said it’s the last payment and if I don’t pay I’ll lose everything I’ve put into it. I’m the biggest idiot I know, I just wanted to believe her. I didn’t think a scammer would stick with the scam for so long, even when I called her out on it multiple times, she would deny it and continue to contact me, it’s been 2 months and she’s still messaging me on LetGo. Please get my money back and press charges against this account!
Her known associates include: Robert E Loreman, Susan Teepe, and Michael Chukwuakpu.

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