DABC Chennai builders – Sour experience with DABC Chennai builders

I purchased a new house from DABC chennai and taken possession by May 2015. After 2 months of purchase, my motor starter was not functioning.
When asked this to DABC, they came to help but only to replace the starter with charge: Starter – Rs 900 + Service charge – Rs 500.
After a week i got a call from DABC again saying the starter price – Rs 1500 rather than Rs 900. I have to pay additional Rs 600.
I had a hot discussion with civil person named MN.Rxxxxxxxxn, he behaved very rudely saying I shouldnt have helped you ( I ask to do this for money not for free). While ending up the call, I said to collect remaing Rs. 600 and also said I will not call back.
Today 18 Sep 2015 I again got a call from another person named Mr. Kxxxxxxn asking me to purchase a new starter in person as the new starter used for my house is actually kept for another new house.
They are saying the starter price – Rs 3250. They are not providing any bills/ warranty cards for the starter for both old and new one.
This is making me frustrated and and I hope I would get a suggestion and justice in this regard.
Henry Daniel
DABC Avenue, Polachery Village, Ponmar, chennai 600127, Tamil Nadu
Email: henrydanie.j]@gmail.com

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