DAMAC properties – Not releasing my paid amount

Reported By: Bashir Vesa

Contact information:
DAMAC properties Dubai

would like to kindly submitting a lawsuit and complaint against DAMAC Properties, and there illegal and unfair decision on my payment (not transferring my amount 122,500 AED to my unit

i am writing you to get my legal rights from DAMAC properties and advise them as soon as you can to solve and transfer the amount of 122,500 AED which is pending with DAMAC properties from long time with no any evidence,
And without any reason keep my amount and while i am following with DAMAC management team i am only receiving the amount is declined from management, as it’s not sense, and not enough for me tell me the reason? Why DAMAC management is declining? , so it means they clearly doing such kind of fraud


How to file a complaint against DAMAC properties?

* Go to page
* Write DAMAC properties in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from DAMAC properties.

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  1. As a tenant in lakeside C production city dubai for 2 years.
    The building management is the worst in Dubai, they are so rude and unprofessional and they never fix any issues in the buildings tbey only care about giving fines and violation notices to the tenants for ridiculous reasons to collect money.
    Smelly water
    Parking gate is jammed all the time, causing people to horn with their cars in the middle of the night
    Fire alarms are hell and almost every night
    No pest control
    No gym equipment
    Loams Management is really making the properties value goes lower every year.