Crescent Tower B – No Preventive Maintenance

Reported By: Zairene Gregorio

Contact information:
Crescent Tower B Dubai

September 19, 2022 must be the schedule of our preventive maintenance in our apartment but no one came to do the maintenance.
We called Customer Service Representative and informed that personnel came but no one in the house even we were there waiting.
Then they advice to do the rescheduling through Damac Living Application or whatsapp and we did both.
Second schedule was October 3, 2022, but still no one came, then again called the CS and they said same thing and we did another scheduling through Damac App and whatsapp.
Third schedule was October 10, 2022, and again no one came and CS informed same reason, that personnel came but no one in the house.
For these three schedule, we were in the house waiting for whole.
I reported the non appearance again last October 12,2022, and again same story and CS wanted us to do again the schedule in damac app and whatsapp.
This time we were not able to do the schedule due to system shutdown in Damac Application and whatsapp, and called CS to book for us but they said they cannot support.

Please look into it, your application, whatsapp and even Customer Service representative is useless.

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* Go to page
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Crescent Tower B.

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