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Reported By: Arda Sever

Contact information:
Damac Properities Dubai
https:// www.damacproperties.com/en/

Damac Team,

I never had such a bad experience and process in my life,

You are holding my 100.000 AED more than already 6 months and because of your company bounced my cheque i couldn’t finalize my unit’s payment and you sold it to another person without informing me. IS IT A JOKE! So you are holding my money 100.000 AED by claiming this payment was for token which is non refundable so after all my attempts you rejected the refund amount and your RM Mohamad Rashid told me don’t worry this money is non-refundable but you can use this amount for another unit and convinced me to buy another unit. After all I lost my trust to Rashid and I started for new unit transactions with Varnica Chadha so they requested for new unit 25.000 AED deposit and after they promised me to start transferring my 100.000 AED to this new unit which payment should come total 125.000 AED. But your sales team rejected this transaction after waiting 2 months because new unit price is less than the first unit. ARE YOU TAKING PEOPLE MONEY PERIODICALLY WITHOUT INFORMING THEM THE DETAILS OF TRANCATIONS TO WHAT YOU ARE DIRECTING THEM TO DO?

Asking you immediately transfer my 100.000 AED to my new unit so i can close the payment and i can get my unit. This subject is pending since September 2022, whatever your Relationship managers told me, directed me I Did but you are breaking your promises , you are holding money without any legal justification. I don’t ask you to refund the money, don’t worry money will stay with you as you wish you will sell your unit and you will earn your money JUST TRANSFER MY 100.000 AED to my new unit PLEASE! According to which laws or rules or legal you are holding my money?

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