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Reported By: Pomik

Contact information:
DAMAC Properties

On 9th of October I submitted a request to update the contact details of the company in order to get the latest service maintenance statement for the apartment that our company has in Madison Astor (AST/1/113) building developed by Damac property. They replied that in order to update the information, they needed the contact detail update form to be signed by authorized signatory and along with his passport copy to be sent to them. Everything was done, then on 16th of October they asked for the company documents to be provided (including recent incumbency certificate which cost us USD 500 to request). Everything was done and sent. Now they came back with new requirement to ask shareholders to send the request from their personal e-mails. Moreover, they don’t even have any registered e-mail of any shareholder. So anyone can send that e-mail and confirm the authenticity of the information. Moreover, 1 week before I submitted the request of change of contact details I received a call from Damac properties and they asked me to settle the due payment, which means that they had my contact details. So I want to settle the bill but I can’t get the statement for payment. Non-sense. And because of that I have payment overdue.
The e-mail that was registered before is not valid for 2 years. The person has resigned.

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