Damco Pulau Indah Selangor Malaysia – Hiring of Illegal Forigners @ a Strategy Port Of Entrance

Damco Pulau Indah Selangor Malaysia Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Ben324

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Damco Pulau Indah Selangor Malaysia

Damco logisties located @ P610-P617 Jalan FZ1 P6 Precinct 6 Port Klang Free Zone 42920 Malaysia has hired lost of illegal Pakistani living in Malaysia (coming from a region in Pakistan known for extreme activities) either without legal documents or with fake documents.

The most scary part is that these foreigners are working in a strategy position allowing them to clear items coming into the country through this port of entrance, anything could easily come into the country through them any no one will know, there are hundreds of shipments that arrive at this port of entrance from all over the world and from Pakistan also.

Damco logiesties need to located @ Port Klang Free Zone needs to be held accountable and play by the rules, they are hiring cheap labors without documentation or fake documentation at the expense of the safety of Malaysian.

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