Dealhop pvt ltd – Cheap quality of sarees

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Reported By: Vamsi krishna Ravula

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Dealhop pvt ltd Guntur
Dealhop pvt ltd

I am vamsi krishna ravula my father srinavasa rao ordered three Banaras sarees but we got very cheap quality sarees and we want to return it back we want our money back to it coast 3,700rs please return it back my order no-BS 155302703165

3 thoughts on “Dealhop pvt ltd – Cheap quality of sarees”

  1. I got saree from you but your send cheaf quality saree I want my money back in 1190. Your not feel shameless in sending the chef quality sarees.why your not send your contact details.your the most frad.if really your genyun return the money

  2. Mam,
    It is total fraud company.Pl do not expect anything from them.If possible you can go to consumer court.

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