Dealzone A19FF New delhi – I got one headphones which is not my order.I actually ordered eardopes but I got wired headphones.I got the order in cash on delivery so I need refund and return this order.

Reported By: Narmadha Ramalingam

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Dealzone A19FF New delhi Newdelhi

I got one headphones which is not my order.I actually ordered two eardopes at price of 1400. I wrongly received wired headphones .I don’t want this product and i need amount to refund as soon as possible.the box was fully covered with returned products.the products quality was not ok .I ordered this through Instagram page which is not worthy and fraudulent.i wish you exchange or refund this make the process for return and refund as soon as possible .the ordered the product on November 4th and i didn’t even received any msg or invoice about the order.i got the order please ensure that it was good company or not .the product quality was very worst and i can’t use this product too

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