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Reported By: Devashish Paul

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This website is fake, I have ordered a drone Camera at 599 (Lol 😀 ). I have received 2 earphones instead. Atleast expecting to receive a toy drone which can fly with remote.

Anyways fun apart, if website is mentioning its giving something they should have to give, If they are not, It comes under cyber fraud and a person can lodge complaint but (Shopify- The parent or the main provider)they are saying they will not revert about the action they are going to take against dealzpik, hence its completely a loss.

So don’t order product from this website, However if you want to contact, below i guess is the information i get from the website you can mail them. (I haven’t received any revert from them yet)

There contact id on the website – ,

Good luck,

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  1. I have ordered 706 rs products, but still no product received n my money return,,, i think file the complaint in consumer court in next month

  2. Hi ,

    I have order drone camera for 599/- and now they are not even responding to my mails and don’t know what to do . please give me any contact information or mobile details to follow up. Please be careful while ordering any products. Please do not repeat the same mistake which i did.


  3. I have placed an order for a wireless printer which can be operated from smartphone also, for Rs.599/- and paid the amount by debit card payment on 21st July 2020. But I doubted about that Seller few days later bcoz I didn’t receive any further information regarding my order. When I searched for their address and contact details, I got nothing else than only a gmail id ( So I think it’s not a genuine dealer, totally a fraud website created by cheaters. I don’t know how to complain against them and where to complain. Anyway I feel I have lost my money. But don’t go to purchase from this fraud site. Anybody lost like me and have knowledge to lodge complaint against them please do it first bcoz it will save thousands of unknown people’s money. If we late, they will wind up their site and will escape making crores of rupees.

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