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Reported By: Sairam

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I had a received a different product from dealzpik ….so I want return the product…so,I requested you to solve my problem immediately….I received the order yesterday it was not appropriate….

I have received a different product,I was order for one product and I received another product…so,respond to my complaint sir….

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  1. i have order shirt but i can get t-shirt i want to exchange my product which one recived
    REF NO-DP778919

  2. subhanshu Bisht

    I have order 2 slim denim shirts but I got 2 t shirts so I want to exchange my product as soon as Possible

    Reference number-DP751519

  3. Himank Thakur

    I had ordered two shirts but i get two T shirts which are cheap nd i didnt order these T shirts so i want to replace or refund How to refund or replace this order.

  4. Himank Thakur

    I had ordered two shirts but got two T shirts of cheap Quality So i want to refund this order or replace this order .

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