Dealzstate – B.O.S.E Q.C Wireless Headphone

Reported By: Ravi Teja

Contact information: BENGALURU

I had ordered BOSE headphones from this website and in return got a broken pendrive and 2 small kids watch. I had found this website on Instagram ads and because of its attractive website I fell for it. I was looking to have this headphones for quite sometime now and seeing it for discount I thought of ordering it. I was skeptical about this website as I had never heard about it and so I ordered as Cash on Delivery. Today when I had received the order, the delivery person claimed himself from bluedart and said he can deliver the product only once he receives the payment. I paid the amount in cash – Rs. 1600/- and I opened the parcel in front of him. There were some cardboard material and a broken pendrive which was sealed and a couple of watches inside it. On asking him to take back the product, he said I am just the delivery guy and you can ask the company directly. Somehow we managed to take his photo and ran away from the place. The company mentioned in the invoice is Laxmi Enterprises in Rohini – Delhi 110085 and the delivery person is also not receiving our calls now. The delivery company name mentioned in the invoice is Blue Dart Airwaybill. There is no customer care support also and even their gmail id a gmail id. [email protected]. So far no response also from there. The number of followers on the instagram account is only 93. Please help me locate these culprits and lets put them behind bars so that they do not fool others.

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  1. Maheswari Raju

    I also faced the same issue as mentioned above. The product that I ordered was B.O.S.E Q.C wireless headphone. Paid the money and on opening got the same items. As well the delivery person is not picking up the call.
    Wrote to the concern mail id no response.

  2. Hey,
    I fell for this too 🙁
    Did you pay on Delivery?
    Today a BlueDart Delivery person called me and I told I wont be there to accept the order.
    What should I do?
    Can I refuse the order?