Defence – I paid for a Drone on 15 May 22 and the website went silent. The official website is fake. Kindly lodge a complaint legally and I am willing to support you in your actions.

Reported By: Bhupender Kochar

Contact information:
Defence PUNE

The website mainly attracts Older people to buy toys for their children by offering a heavy discount. They just have an Order Form and Payment Form. To make it look authentic they just post an Invoice and disappear. Their website, after going through the various pages are incomplete and unprofessional. I realised this later on. I could have purchased the item from but got carried away by the discount. The Skylight Fashion, the Company they project as the Main Dealer is fake. The site has mainly copied links to the advertisement of foreign companies, thereby trying to impress visitors. Losing Rs 1000/- plus is no problem for me but being made a scapegoat is much costlier! They have a customer counter software installed which goes up once you register yourself. These are easily available from various website templates online. I request your team to help all those customers who have lost their money. I request all readers to post their views on the Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram to help others from being roped in.

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