– EBay merchant flagship store

Reported By: Elizabeth Evangeline

Contact information: Hyderabad

I have believed and invested my money up to 3 lakh and again the telegram customer service is assigning more number of tasks back to back which is very very huge amount. I have tried everything and lost all my savings and left with zero balance in my account.

Please help me get my money back I have all clear transactions that I have done to UPI ids I don’t believe that this is a real part time job . This is completely fraudulent activity and killing me and other people I would suggest not to believe blindly and invest the amount with eBay merchant flagship store. They say 7 tasks and each task has 1-3 products with huge amount to reacharge and we can never withdraw as they keep on assigning product by product. I am not even able to upload all photos see the amount for each task and product.

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