Deputy Registrar CHSL – complaint

Reported By: rameesh718

Contact information:
Deputy Registrar CHSL
Dy registrar, A WARD, for CHSL Mr Gyaneshwar Dongre Malhotra House, 6Th floor, opp GPO, MUMBAI 400001,

Sub. This deputy registrar Gyaneshwar Dongre sleeps for two months over all our complaints and then says- it is a personal matter, go to court.

Complaint against –
Dy registrar, A WARD, for CHSL
Mr Gyaneshwar Dongre
Malhotra House, 6Th floor, opp GPO,
MUMBAI 400001

It is shockingly observed that whenever we lodge complaints to this deputy registrar Mr Gyaneshwar Dongre, he always takes two months to reply.
And what a vague reply he always comes with saying – that our complaint is a personal matter, go to the court. Why?

It is his legal duty to take action against the accused in a Cooperative Housing Society Ltd.
Being dy. registrar of CHSL, he is paid salary from the public money of tax payers. So any matter relating to a CHSL could obviously be not a personal matter.
So instead of taking the legal action against the accused chairman and other members of a CHSL, what this dy. registrar always does – he does not reply for two months and then after wasting two months, he washes his hands off his duty saying- personal matter, go to court.
Persona matter? Without any proof. Without any evidence.
Our several grievances have been victimised in such a bogus and manipulated way.
We challenged him to prove under which section of bye laws of CHSL, out all the grievances became personal matter. He failed to prove.
We challenged him again to prove his illegal way to take no action against the culprits or accept that he has taken heavy brie from the CHSL to favour them.
He again failed to prove even a single of our various complaints.

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  1. it is not unusal,as I am facing worst than your problem of delay of over not months but years for deputy registrar of “D” ward ,the current one and his predecessor.

    Give money and work will be done. OR may be consumer court or Rt.Hon.Prime minister citizen portal or ACB.