Dhaba – Low quality food

Whomsoever it is concerned.

Hi My self Ramesh, i was travelling on 08/04/2015 from 6.15pm to 10.00pm in Armoor depot bus (Super Luxury, ap29_1420, Green colour belongs to armoor depot towards shamshabad),
the driver was intentionally slow driven to halt the bus for the dinner at his favorite(contract) location, which is some kilometers to toopran tollgate between 5-15km when we are traveling from armoor to hyd.

the driver him self stopped the bus for dinner at specific location (Which is next to Mayfield Dhaba), there is no price board, the prices are highly expensive like star hotels, but the dhaba was not enough tidy at all, not good quality food served, i suspect there is some low quality items are using in kitchen.

I ate one vegetable curry with 3 roties, with one water bottle i got billed for 190 (where my bus ticket is just 200).
i am shocked, which is more expensive almost double price.
even there is no price board, no menu card given before serving.

this is one kind of looting the people by rtc drivers and dhaba owners, they had mutual alliance between them.

My driver has stopped the bus at 8.20pm for almost 1 hour for unscheduled halt.
finally we have reached hyd just in an hour from dhaba, if the driver would not stop there we would have reached 1 hour early.

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