Dharani Infra Developers – Fraud Company

This company is a fraud, not having much experience in the market, not able to hand over plot registration even after 20 months of money paid, hiding from many of the customers who are suffering now. Starts sale plots even before registration! Be careful All. Think twice before if you are planning to buy something from them. Here is the details of the company. Thanks Head Office: D.No.8-2-580 & 574/C, Flat No.302, Najaf Apartments, Road No.8 & 7, Imam Khomeini Road, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034. E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.dharaniinfra.com

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  1. They are totally fraud they will take Money and after that they will tell you they are working for registration but they will not do the registration. They are totally fraud, I suggest please do not invest with Dharni devlopers.

  2. Hi all,
    From the above all issues , seems iam the major sufferer. Almost 4 years back we paid amount, still no registration no money refunded. pls dont invest in this kind of projects , better to fd ur money instead of this….they should remember that god will punish them at any time.

  3. Dharani Infradevelopers Private Limited — Fraud company

    Dharani Infra developers is a fraud company. They are taking money and hiding from customers without doing registration. I've taken Plot in Kothur and made payment of 5 lakh in October 2017, but till date Jan 2018 the registration is not yet done and they dont respond to calls and if they respond, they say it will be done soon but it never happens.They are selling already sold plots to customers and hide from them after taking money.

    Address: Door No 8-2-580 & 547/c, Flat No 302, Najaf Apartments, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, Telengana, India.
    Agent Rohit: 9747472060 / 9652391060

    1. I’m planning to take a plot near shadnagar from Dharani infra developers. May I know is your registration done can we go head with payment process

  4. Big fraud company cheating people in the name of HMDA approvals, the above reply is from an employee of that company. They do not have any ethics and play with customers after collecting money. All fake projects in Kothur area only.

  5. These guys at Dharani keep making spam calls even to numbers registered under DND. I’m pretty sure they are fully into shady business and dark deals. No genuine business does spam marketing. These guys could be the next ones to land up in jail.

  6. Dear customer,

    This is from Dharani infradevelopers Pvt.Ltd, We are doing ethical business and we are not cheating to any one ,we are providing proper services to every customer in a right time and all of our customers are having reliance on the company,we never kept any documents/Registration copies from any customer if you have any wrong commitments from the company you please come to office with all proofs we will short out your problum immideately ,we are giving a week days of time to you ,if you approach to us we will short out your problum ,if not your statement will be treated as a fake statement and company will take legal action on this type people.

    1. Yes, i accepted with M/s. Dharani Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd, I have all most 5 years close association of Dharani Infra. And i never found any false promises and commitments from the management. According to my knowledge above complaint is fake.: Chary- loyal customer

      1. How can you have ‘5 years’ of ‘VERY CLOSE’ association with Dharani Infra if the company was registered on 15-03-2011 with registration number 073286? If you are a ‘loyal customer’ what business are you doing with Dharani Infra for 5 years- Part of Cheating and Fraud?

      2. How can you have ‘5 years’ of ‘VERY CLOSE’ association if Dharani infra was incorporated n registered on 15-03-2011? If you are a loyal customer, what business are you doing with them for ‘5 years’- part of cheating and fraud??