Dholera Metro City – no resale

Reported By: Govind Agarwal

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Dholera Metro City

There is no resale value of land sold by this company, they misguiding people stating their plots are in Dholera SIR, whereas their plots are in villages outside Dholera SIR. Their project is not governed by Gujarat RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act), neither they have any infrastructure at or near the project which is being developed inside Dholera SIR. For Human waste you have dig big tank as done in villages. It is far from Water, Sewer, transportable, electricity, train, bus, internet, waste water treatment, solid waste treatment etc is being developed. Just are actually buying bare land at village with hardly any facility and no resale value. You are dumping your money in well and they are making crores at cost of your hard earned money.
They bought land for just couple of lakhs per Biga and selling for about Rs 5000 per square yard super area which is about Rs 7500 per SQYD carpet area. No resale value.

After this review I got Call from Mr Manan Kela, threatening to sue me with fake cases so that I will be in trouble keep travelling from US to India.

You will see lots of fake reviews in this list. “Mani dmc”, “Mani Dholera Metro City” etc. Mani is company employee, not sure how many reviewers are related to the company.

One review says Dholera Metro City 5005 location is 10 KM from Dholera SIR, but still very comfort location. I don’t understand what the comfort means here. When there is 500 Square Kilometer area (About 6 Crore SQYD) inside Dholera SIR, why someone should buy 10 KM away from city.

Please do your own research before buying from this company..

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  1. The given review is totally fake by someone. I have know the Dholera Metro City developer well and I am also a investor of them. How can you say that no resale value. All investor visit the site and invest. Dholera Metro City developer provides free site visit assistant. If they are not proper developer no need to provide site visit. Any as you say that no resale of property, the main reason is that Dholera is evolving and the property value will increase after few years, gauranteed. So I think noone should trust like on this words.