Hi, This is to address very unprofessional behavior of AVENUE SUPERMARTS LTD – MALL Employees. This incident happened on 17 December 2013, in SEC-26, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. There is one shopping mall named DMART GANDHINAGAR AVENUE SUPERMARTS LTD PLOT NO. R-2 TO R-6 GANDHINAGAR ELECTRONIC ESTATE (GIDC) GANDHINAGAR-382026 Phone : 079-30630300 at 4:02 PM sharply Mall employees and attendants rush to floor shouting “bahar kadho bathane” means – get them out all, “niklo bahar” means –Get out when some lights gone off on the floor. This way they vacated the ground floor. I say why they opened such area if can’t handle While 15 mins. back there was power cut in the area. The attendants were behaving so rudely like they are getting cows from wild. The shouting, rude and unprofessional behavior was not enough when they try to push customers outside the mall. This is very new to me as I never had touch by any caretaker/attendant in any urgent situation in Bangalore or Gurgaon where i lived for years. Having shocked by such behavior when I analyze, the mall employees/attendants were being instructed to do such thing, get vacate the floors. One old lady with shopped items was threatened to go fast or counters will be closed. This is very awkward, for places like Gujarat where still people don’t push or misbehave to old people. If the super marts are not capable of handling situations like (i.e. power cut in area — really no backup??), at least can behave professionally. Just power cut and they forcefully vacated the mall, I wonder how much they have required facilities to open such super mart /mall. I hope someone give message to proper management people to look into matter and at least replace such supervisors who give such instructions. There is another incident I can remember from month back when on first floor(same mall), glossary dept. there is mug/plates made by chinai sand were put on open space stacked and no rack or any other support, it was stacked plates one on another while two side open space and no support. On couple with kid was passing through the way and one packet with six mug and plate gone down. The attendant force the family to pay for packet while it was their mismanagement/placement of putting such glassy items on way stacked without rack. I strongly condemned such behavior in my society. Regards, Kiran Patel Gandhinagar Gujarat

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