Doves Vacation – fake promises

Reported By: Seshanathan

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Doves Vacation

I paid Rs. 75,000 for a silver package from Doves Vacation on February 28, 2022. When I made my purchase, I was told that if I let them know about my plan before 14 or 21 days, they would be able to accommodate me in a luxury hotel.

Additionally, they told me that they have relationships with all travel agencies, including Club Mahindra and Streller Holidays.

I requested a hotel reservation for two days after a month had passed. They stated that accommodations cannot be offered from April to June due to peak times.

I became frustrated and asked for a refund, but they informed me that it was not possible to do so if the request was made more than 90 days after the purchase. And if I canceled my membership, I would be left empty-handed.

After much effort, I used a free voucher for two days of off-season lodging in Kerala on August 23.

This also occurred following numerous date compromises on my part.

I am currently unable to use any of my holiday balance as of September 23.

I requested lodging for the month of October at a particular location, but they were unable to comply. I then requested lodging for three days on December 23.

They explained that because the time period is blocked, no reservations can be made until pongal, or January.


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