Dr. Neeraj Gulati, Dr. Manju Keshari & Dr. Vedant Kabra – ignorance of non healing ulcer for more than 70 days

My mother ( 57 years old) was suffering from CKD and was on conservative medicine. A ulcer in her mouth was upsetting her in December, 2012 . She went to the dentist Dr. NEERAJ GULATI at SWASTHYA VIHAR . On every visit he kept on scaling the molar tooth on left saying that the ulcer was because of that tooth . He prescribed gel, gargles with lukewarm water and an anti-biotic (Augmentin625) . Above all on March 07, 2013, he arranged a surgeon at his clinic to extract the tooth. The surgeon( Dr. Jain) felt that the ulcer or the surrounding tissues are quite soft, a matter of concern, but did not hitch before extracting the tooth .

Later on being questioned, Dr. Neeraj Gulati said, ” I don’t refer the patients for biopsy as it is positive for only one out of 10 patients he sees.” He tries to avoid the fear of testing in 9 patients, keeping the life of that one patient at stake. At the same time he himself is not aware that a ulcer not healing for more than 10 days can be cancerous and is unable to differentiate b/w a normal and a cancerous growth. Can the Oral Cavity Cancer of RMT(L) remain undiagnosed till T4? A very bad looking white patch was clearly visible in the mouth in the month of February, 2013.

In March, ’13, my mother’s jaws got disalligned and she was facing trouble in chewing even the soft things after extraction of tooth on March 07, ’13. For this Dr. Neeraj Gulati said that some people don’t know how to bite as they are never aware of it. I would like to ask the so called doctor if the person don’t know how to bite how come she had been doing it perfectly till December 2012?

Dr. MANJU KESHARI, dermatologist at MAX Hospital, Patparganj, didn’t see any matter of concern. My mother was not able to open the mouth properly. On the first visit (14th March), Dr. Keshari didn’t have a spatula to examine the mouth of the patient for non-healing ulcer. She prescribed Augmentin 625, Vizilac and gargles for next 7 days. On second visit (19th march), she said, ” Yes, today I have everything- a spatula and a torch.” What a big deal Ma’am ! You are joking with the health, time, energy and wealth of the patient. On being explicitly asked by us as was there any matter of concern, she answered, ” Abhi to aisa kuch nahi dikh raha hai aur same medicines 5 days aur lena”. She said, ” Oh! Kidney ki patient hain (the fact which she didn’t understand on first visit), phir to theek hone mein time lagega .”

On third visit(24th March) i.e. after 10 days of seeing her, she asked us to see an oncologist Dr. VEDANT KABRA at Max, Patparganj, for a tassali that there is nothing to worry. Dr. Kabra again gave an antibiotic and Crocin for the unbearable pain she was having especially at night, for another 5 days and asked the patient to bear the pain.

For the pain at night the doctor said that at night everybody is sleeping and she is not busy, so the whole concentration goes on that ulcer and so the pain despite of taking Crocin. He prescribed Alprex.25 as a sleeping pill.

On the next visit(27th March), Dr. Vedant told my mother that if she would be able to bear the pain for another 7 days, the requirement of biopsy would reduce by 25% .

Next day we went to Dharamsheela Hospital, Mayur Vihar as the pain was extremely high on one side of face. There the oncologist Dr. Mudit Aggarwal examined her mouth and said that one could easily make out that its suspicious and referred for biopsy.
These doctors at Max hardly have any time to pick up the leaflets displayed for the knowledge of patients which clearly warns against the non-healing ULCER existing for more than 10 days, while these doctors ignored the one which was NOT HEALING FOR MORE THAN 75 DAYS . My mother did not chew a single chapatti since January, 2013 and remained clueless despite of paying visit by visit to doctors. Can the Oral Cavity Cancer of RMT(L) remain undiagnosed till T4? A very bad looking white patch was clearly visible in the mouth in the month of February, 2013.

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