Dr. Rajrani Sharma (RAVINDERNATH TAGORE MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL UDAIPUR) – Baby died at M.B. Hospital – Careless and irresponsible behavior for premature baby after cesarean delivery

I am very depressed to share my incident with you. This incident is about demise of my premature baby cause of CARELESS and IRRESPONSIBLE behavior after caesarian delivery. My wife Sheetal Kumawat (27 yrs) was about to deliver in 7th month of pregnancy when admitted to Maharana Bhopal Hospital, Udaipur (Raj.) on 31st Oct 2013. After trying to treat one day to control the impact of fluid breakage, team of doctors decided to operate for delivery the next day. Dr. Rajrani Sharma (specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics of RAVINDERNATH TAGORE MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL UDAIPUR) was leading the team. Although my baby’s weight was 1.48 KG, but one of the doctor’s informed me that my baby’s lungs were weak. In spite of knowing this they did not admit him in nursery care for infant post the delivery. After 4 days of survival, suddenly after having routing feed he was not breathing. We ran to nursery and other departments for treatment for such urgent situation. But doctor’s carelessness and ignorance were dominating over the precautionary measures. At last the result was demise of my baby.

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