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John Prince of DreamFire Interactive and DreamFire Ventures continues to cheat its employees

John Prince (MD of DreamFire Interactive & General Partner at Dreamfire Ventures), has continued to cheat its employees and ex-employees by not paying them their salaries for over 1 year now. John Prince recruited individuals for running DreamFire Interactive at various locations in India. John Prince has not paid their employees for a long time and have continuously used absurd stories to avoid the rightful demand of the employees.

John Prince is avoiding even simple communication with his employees who have been courteously following up with him for their hard earned salaries. The employees have long suffered John Prince’s fake stories of getting things back on track and have been ceremoniously cheated time and time again.

He seems to gain sadistic pleasure by hiring and duping his employees and spoiling their lives and careers.

I hope that John Prince gives up his highly unprofessional and unethical behavior and stands up to his responsibility and provide the due remuneration to the employees and ex-employees. This seems to be the last resort to reach out to him as he does not respond to either calls, messages or e-mails.

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  1. This is the most unethical company. John Prince and the management of the company have no regards for their employee’s career and lives. cheating is in the DNA of this company and it shows by the attitude of its management who would do all they can to NOT pay their employees.