DS MAX Properties – Leaking Rooms – Horrible Construction

DS Max Property – Horrible construction! Leaking rooms.

I bought a DS Max property recently. The construction material used by them is of road side quality.

The entire common area is cheap gutter granite.
Terrible bathrooms have raised floor of over a feet than the rest of the rooms. One must bend or crawl to enter the toilet because the door height is only 6ft for the bathrooms.

Recently the all the rooms got flooded by some leakage from the bathroom and water gushed out through electrical conduits. Flooding resulted in water entering through side patti/skirting in every room and soaking up upto 1 foot from the bottom of the wall. Now the plastering has started falling off.

DS Max also insists on cheap interior work/carpentry from their side to make some fast bucks from customers at the time of registration.

Lifts installed at the projects are inferior and absolute do not have any brand.

Do not buy any apartments from DS Max Properties.

They do not have any explanation as to how they arrive at the area of the apartment.

Do not buy any property from them just by falling for the location and price. It is not worth the money you spend.

Negative points:

No clarity as to the area of the apartment.
Landlord owns 40% of the flats and DS Max Property 60%.
Half the apartments are rented out with nobody taking any responsibility of maintenance.
Cheap quality construction material and raised floor for bathroom to save Rs 30k per toilet. Imagine 100 toilets, the DS Max saves Rs 3 Crores.
Reluctant to do any modification like electrical, etc. Even if they do it, it has to be followed up at least 100 times.

The customer is put on to different departments, their contractors, their sub contractors, their painters, so on and so forth.

Overall quality is very cheap.

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