Ds Max Builders swindle the buyers money. They are very big fraud threatening to Bangalore real estate market . They have come with new ideas in Indian real estate market, how to cheat the customers and escape from the legal actions, I will explain you the truth how they are cheating customers. First they will take your booking amount and start their construction, but it will be delayed and no legal approvals for the projects. Once you find all this stories and want to cancel the flat. But they will tell you to wait for 90 working days to get your payment. They will start selling the same flat to other customer and take booking amount. Then if you force them by legal notice to give your money back. Then they will return your money. It could have taken at least 8 months to return your money. You have lost your rate of interest on the money, but they have taken the rate of interest of yours. What will happen to them if every one comes knows truth ? They are using many new tricks in Indian real estate market to cheat the buyers. One important note: Till now none of their projects having legal approvals from BBMP or BMRD. But still they are selling their projects and fool people are buying. end of the time the constructed property will be destroyed from the government authorities. You will loose all your money. Now its up to you….

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