DS MAX PROPERTIES PVT LTD – DS Max Seasons – Lift never works

I am living in DS Max Seasons, just to give one example of sorry state of affair, Since the time I have been here the lift/elevator hardly works for 10% of days. There are two elevator, One of it have been never brought to service in the last one year. The 2nd one which is in service, well not in service, doesnt work 28days in a month. After repeated complaints DS Max never bothered about the old people who have to take lot of pain in climbing up the stairs. On Jan 2016 DS max finally commited to fix the elevator/lift by 25th Feb. Well, its a joke I know. Comeon how many days as a commitment for lift repair? 30 Days? isnt that a Joke? In Jan 2016 the lift/elevator worked for 2 days, the engineers tried to fix it but it seems DS max provided them with duplicate spares, so they couldnt make it work for a day.

DS Max havent yet done anything substantial in last one year to solve this problem.

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