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I was very upset and dejected when I saw the full page ad of DS MAX in Deccan Herald. It said – “Joy that last”. I think I am the greatest bakra that they would have got in years. They sold me a flat that doesnot have an approved plan. All the bad things that have been listed are absolutely correct. I was not in country and they took full advantage of it. I thought atleast the bank people will check the documents but I understand they are all part of the same game. They are just the middlemen and once they get their share they are gone. Later you are left at the mercy of the builder who gives a d*** about you. If you are talking to them then stop talking to them right now. Forget about enjoying my flat I wake up everyday feeling cheated and robbed. Just don’t get into it !! I wonder how they sleep peacefully after cheating so many people. Surely I see that their conscious ‘doesn’t prick. I wonder what they eat ?

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  1. Thank you Ashok for sharing the review. While you situation is a pity, it is kind of you to prevent others from going through the misery thanks to frauds like DSMax.. it is only in our country that rogues like this builder will have full page ads with their sorry faces smiling away stupidly despite making fools of the consumer

  2. Dear Ashok,

    Thanks for sharing your experience which helps people like me to avoid DSMax while thinking of purchasing flats.