Du – deactivation not processed since december 2017. still receiving the bill!

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Reported By: sandra couceiro

Contact information:
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

My worse nightmare. Deactivation not done when requested in december 2017.. Bill still coming and du threatening me to pay or they will suspend the service… No, it is not a joke! It is du at his best!

I have interchanged several emails (about almost 20 now) with customer. Care@du. Ae, I have complained on their website, I have complaint to their tweet account… However, haven’t received 1 call from du. Haven’t received teh solution of my complaint… Nada!! And the replies to my emails are so ridiculous, so “made up” and this is are my favorites: “your frustration and disappointment is clearly understood and it is appreciated that you were kind ‎enough to share this with us.‎” and this one: “note that the time frame for the staff complaint is 48 hours‎” (they clearly haven’t noticed that it I have waiting for my service to be deactivated and to my deposit to come back to my wallet since december 2017). That’s more than 48 hours, isn’t it???

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