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Reported By: Sudheendra Kumar

Contact information:
Dubai First
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dated 22nd October 2017

Reference Case Number: 158453
Sub: Debt Relief Plan Agreement dated 09th Feb 2017 �” on Credit cards 5242
0452 5029 2606 & On 5486 7049 2969 2001

This is with regard to the settlement of the above-mentioned cards. Dubai First Bank has issued me with a Debt Relief Plan Agreement on the above date. Accordingly, I have issued 14 cheques of AED.1595/- and 4 cheques up to July 2017 the cheques are cleared (the proof of clearance of cheques are available with me in my bank accounts and also in your records). It should be noted that the settlement is for both the cards and not on a single card. Ms. Ethne B. Arellano was the first person to handle this case who messed it up completely.

Because of the negligence (by the concern who handled these settlements) they have not merged both of my cards and kept on sending emails and messages with regard to the dues on the other cards. I have visited the Burdubai recovery office more than 10 times and kept on following over emails (I have more than 20 to 25 emails with regard) to this but no action taken and over and above my security cheque was deposited in my Citi Bank (for which no explanation or an apology letter was sent to me yet). This shows the negligence of Dubai First bank in handling the issue.

Subsequently, they asked me to make a payment of AED. 1, 710/- on 17.08.2017 and issued new cheques for AED.1655/- (30 cheques) towards the new settlement agreement for which neither I received any documents so far even after 2 months. The first cheque got cleared on 10th October 2017 in my bank account.

Again they kept on sending messages and emails and when we contact them nobody is picking the phone lines. No I have no idea whom and where to contact on this issue.

Can somebody from your bank attend to this issue at the earliest and relieve me from this issue which is going on from Feb 2017, please. I am fed up visiting Burdubai branch recovery office as they are continuously kept on acting negligently in this case. I feel the very purpose of going ahead with this Debt Settlement arrangement itself is defeated fully on account of this much trouble. Mr.Salah was the last person who was handling my issue and I am getting no reply from him when I tried to contact him.

Your immediate action on the above-referred case is very highly appreciated, please. You can call me back on 050 5350772 for any further information in this regard.

With regards
Sudheendra Kumar
050 5350772

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