easygotrip.com – Not refunding money

easygotrip.com not refunding money
My husband made a reservation for me and my daughter for a round trip HYD-MUM on April 18th from the website easygotrip.com. The booking got rejected by the site on the same day itself and they sent an email stating that there will be a refund in next 7 business days. Till now we have not received any refund from them. We called up their customer care number, but they never refunded even after promising. Number of emails and telephonic conversations is done with no result. We are still waiting for our money amounting 7582.
I tried to contact them again and this time they said due to payment gateway change, they are not able to process a refund online of my transaction
The only option left that I utilize same booking amount for a new booking.
I am not planning any travel in near future and topmost thing is that I am not willing to make any further booking with them.

Details of the transaction are as follows:
Booking Reference No :- ET 12898 BookDate :- 4/18/2013
Passenger Details: Mrs MEENU MOTHAY and Miss AAHANA MOTHAY
Contact details: 09849791947.

Please help!


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