eBay.in – Items not shipped in spite of full-payment, & Customer Care suggesting stupid resolutions

I work in Hyderabad, and we have desktop at home in Punjab. Ethernet Card of this desktop stopped working and my brother was not able to use desktop to connect to Internet. From eBay.in, I purchased USB-based Ethernet Network Card. (eBay order & seller details are given below). eBay.in ‘s product description clearly says that Packet will include (1) USB Ethernet Adapter, and (2) Driver CD. When my brother received the packet, he found that there is no disc to install Network Drivers. Without drivers, this item is of no use to anybody. I contacted the seller through eBay.in and also raised complaint with eBay.in. Initially, seller (shoppers_terminal) tried to say that it will be there for sure and asked to check again. Then my brother clicked photos of opened packet and shared with me using WhatsApp to prove to seller (shoppers_terminal) that Driver CD is not there. Then seller said it sometimes happen with 1 in 100 cases, and said he will resolve this issue through eBay.in Customer Care. I suggested the seller two options to resolve this issue:- (a) ship the new packet with USB Network Card + Driver CD and pick the useless item, or (b) ship the remaining Driver Disc. I told him that Driver CD is very important because in future if we reformat our desktop then we will need Driver CD to re-install Network Card drivers. Now, the story starts… eBay.in Customer Care team didn’t even bother to understand customer’s problem. Initially, she was so rude as if she is calling from Govt Department. She suggested that I ship the item back to seller. I promptly refused and said I am not going to bear another courier expenses. I have already paid Cost + Courier charges, and I am entitled to get items I paid for. I said this is stupid resolution. She was prompt to tell me that “Mind your language”. I was shocked for a moment… and then decided to take this so-called Customer Support Rep head-on… I told her that our conversation is already getting recorded and I find it is okay to use words like “stupid resolution” “stupid ideas”. Then she disconnected the phone… ahhh… what a Customer Care. I always thought eBay.in and Flipkart has good customer services, and these are good online portals. I have very bad experience with snapdeal. Now, eBay.in Customer Care is inisiting on sending the item back to seller otherwise I will lose my money paid to eBay.in. This clear violation trust we show in online shopping. This clearly not a proper business ethics. As a customer I feel cheated… I paid for Cost + Courier charges… and then eBay.in/Seller failed to ship ordered item and now they are asking me bear courier charges for return order… How can I trust eBay/Seller. Isn’t seller/eBay.in should own its mistake? How can as I a buyer I should be asked to pay more? When I am clearly giving better resolution options, why Customer Care is insisting me to return the items and threatening to forfeit my money that I have already paid. Here are the details: Ebay.in Item Name: “USB 2.0 TO LAN RJ45 CONVERTER CARD ETHERNET NETWORK ADAPTER” Order confirmation: PaisaPay ID 35218251470 Order Date: 15-Dec-2013 Seller ID: shoppers_terminal (Saravana Kumar Mariappan ) Saravana Kumar Mariappan 78/49, Narasaiyer Street, 1st floor, Old washermenpet Chennai, India 600021 email: [email protected] Phone: 9841538136 Aggreived Customer, Tinu

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