Ebay85.com – want to have a refund to all my money that i have invested in that platform

Reported By: Erica quinto

Contact information:
Ebay85.com Manila

I was looking for a part time job then i found miss andy 09702964429..thw one qho offered me to join in this flatform..first log in i have automatically 50 pesos recharge..then she ask me to recharge into vip 1 which cost 500 pesos..as i grab orders..the task become harder and demands more recharge to finish the task..miss andy told me to contact miss jaya via telegram@q7562563 who instruxted me to finish the task..i borrowed money from friends and relatives just to finish the task to withdraw the money i invested.. When i reach tha 20th task it turns out that its a 2 in1 task to finish it so i borrowed money again..when im done with the task i ask them that i would like to withdraw the money i invested but upon the withdrawal a private notification appeared..it says that i must pay 30% tax to the personal income which i dont have anyone toask..i begged them to help me because my grandma died because of the stress causeb by this online platform..my son was about to have a surgery but i can’t get the money back thats why my grandma can’t take thw stress and can’t withdraw the money..miss andy give me the address of (THREE ECOM BUILDING MOA COMPLEX.HARBOR DRIVE 1500 PASAY CITY).she also told me that she was working there as a part time recruitment customer service of ebay..but everytime i chat with the tutor(miss jaya)she always told me to recharge to withdraw and i muat pay the tax to get the whole amount..i beg them to help me get it because i sont have money for my grandmother’s funeral but thwy choose not to help me and they don’t even give me a xhance to talk to aomeone who can help me..i tried to call the customers sevice but they we’re not even responding..i almost invested 80,000 but i haven’t got back the money

I was looking for an online job and suddenly miss andy 09702964429 offered me to join an online flatform which is ebay85.com the first log in i have already 50 pesos recharged on my account..then after finishing the task she asked me to finish 5 task and move 2 vip1 cost 500 ..then i grab it because she told me after finishing it i can withdraw the monwy i recharged with the commission..but as the task goes harder and the price becomes bigger..when i finished the task im about to withdraw but theres a private notification that i must pay the 30 %tax from my personal income..i want to have a refund to all my money that i have invested in that platform


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