Ebookstyping.com – totally fraud

Reported By: Mercy Sofia

Contact information:

Same here, I too get this job as normal text via Quikr.
I paid rs.299 and activated my account yesterday(15.06.2020)
I completed 10 pages till now(16.06.2020).
Till now I didn’t get any response. Before I login to my account they have mentioned that “if you have faced any issue after your account activate, just drop your email on raman.ebookstyping@gmail.com.We will contact you as soon as possible”

Seeing that I have mailed them. But then there is no reply from them.

They didn’t approved my work at all. And The payment also not received.And there is no proper response from them.

Check the process.This is totally fraud.
Now I am thinking that before I start my work I must watch these reviews..
This site should be removed and help all others who faced this situation.

6 thoughts on “Ebookstyping.com – totally fraud”

  1. Myself Roopa D’Souza, registered Ebook Typing on 23rd June 2020 paying Rs. 299/- till today 25th June 2020 completed 21 pages of typing, not yet received any payment.

    Shows Work not approved Wallet is zero. But daily 10 pages of typing will get uploaded in the work.

    I am totally upset.

    When checked in recent payments, in http://www.ebookstyping.com/index.php/recent-payouts
    I can see paid out 23rd June 2020 for some list of people.

    No idea do I have to continue or not…

    1. Even by mistake don’t continue here guys….they will take all ur money just asking for registration amount

  2. Bhagyshree Nikam

    I am activated my account on Friday 2 days ago..but no payment credited in my account..and now I gave some message if you have faced any issue after your account activate. Just drop your emil on…I am send mail but no response.
    I think I am read review before start work.

  3. Gopala Krishnan. S

    This is total fraud please do not waste your money and time, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS JOB SITE FOR ANY REASON

  4. Be Aware Guysz.Such Fraud Companies are Making fool the people’s. Don’t waist ur Time and money.It was Vvery Important for us..So plzz Be Aware

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