Ebookstyping – Paid 299, no response from company side

Reported By: Ganesh.J

Contact information:
Ebookstyping Online

Paid of 299 for registration, no response for company side. Not given daa typing work as they said in chat. Why these companies stop responding to the people who are trusting them and ditch their customers. Taking money or we can say doing fraus is their only agenda. I would like to advise them, run your company on ethics and you will grow.

3 thoughts on “Ebookstyping – Paid 299, no response from company side”

  1. It happened with me too today only I even typed 3 pages Nd now when I am trying to login again it’s not even opening

    1. same happened with me as well I paid yesterday rs 199 but today I am trying to log in its shows that id password is wrong

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