Ebookstyping – They have cheated on us

Reported By: Navjyoth kaur

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ebookstyping Hyderabad
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I have paid 299 rs as registration fees and starting doing the typing work and today when I try to login it saysit doesn’t exist means wth was that and tried my all gmails to see if it comes but there is no chance of getting my account back I want my money back plz It was my mother’s and I have to retyrn it to her plz help me get the money back and plz take necessary action so that these fraud ids should not exist at all.I really need this responce plz because I really trusted this website and I have been cheated I am very very upset and angry I really want this website to just vanish so that it could not cheat others too.

2 thoughts on “Ebookstyping – They have cheated on us”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    i had also have a bad experience from ebookstyping.com
    as per request paid INR : 299/- and started working last saturday ( 11/07/2020)
    today when i tried to login , it says Username & password is Incorrect. i tried for several time.

    Biju Wilson

  2. They cheating me…. becouse I tried to login my id it doesn’t exist….it will show username password are wrong but , it will correct and although email was not acpt but they are all same …..and it will acpt only one page into 10 pages others pages will be avoided….Many problems ebookstyping may occur they are fraud..

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