Eesha Constructions – Threatening us to pay the extra money

Dear Sir,

My Builder Mr. M.Siva, Proprietor, EESHA CONSTRUCTION, Chennai has not fully completed my flat. While occupying he promised to complete all minor pending works left within 15 days. Now we are facing lot of issues with the flat handed over.

1. There is no Metro Water in the flat due the faulty planning of sump and its depth.
2. Now some cracks are emerging out in the concrete roof itself which is very dangerous in stucturewise strength.
3. He left the flat without painting the final coat for walls and windows. Approximately 50% of work is pending outside the flat in the common area.
4. He has not completed the flooring’s in the common area and parking area.
5. The bore water supply is contaminated and not clear.. Now were purchasing water outside.
6. They don’t have experienced workers and workmanship and quality, finish of construction is very poor.
7. Till he collect 75% of total cost he was speaking very nicely and after that in a threatening tone and now not even picking the phone by mistake.
8. He is not responding to any of my e-mails and letter which I am sending.
9. He is now demanding extra money apart from as agreed in the agreement and that to he want that in cash.
10. Last week he send some of his employees to threaten us to pay the extra money.

I called the police and handed over his employees to police and now police is also refusing to register a case against them.

When I checked few other they are telling the matter is of civil nature and can file a civil suit and it will take may years to finish.
In that case what should I do please advice me.

Builder Name and details: M.Siva, EESHA CONSTRUCTIONS, CHENNAI – [email protected] Mob: +91- 9566040404 and 044- 2629106.

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