Ekart Logistics — Order not delivered

Flipkart and their delivery is a BIG JOKE & FAKE.
I have ordered a Mobile Phone from flipkart on Date: 21 March, 2016 at 4:26 PM.
I have kept 1 Day Delivery, and the delivery they promised was on Wed, 23rd Mar’16 on or before 9.00 pm. Its been past 70 hrs, they have not delivered it and not even had curtousy to inform the customer.
Below is the Shipment History of the same.
Tuesday, 22nd Mar
12:31 pm Chennai Expected At Puzhal Sort Centre
12:31 pm Chennai Shipment In-Scanned At Puzhal Sort Centre
12:38 pm Chennai Received At Puzhal Sort Centre
06:58 pm Hyderabad Expected At Shamshabad Sort Facility
Wednesday, 23rd Mar
07:27 am Hyderabad Received At Shamshabad Sort Facility
10:08 am Hyderabad Expected At Hitech City Hub
11:37 am Hyderabad Received At Hitech City Hub
12:26 pm Hyderabad Expected At Shamshabad Sort Facility
11:52 pm Hyderabad Received At Shamshabad Sort Facility
Thursday, 24th Mar
03:31 am Hyderabad Expected At Gowlidoddi Hub
04:28 am Hyderabad Received At Gowlidoddi Hub

By checking the history i was surprised to see that my order which reached to “Hitech City Hub at 11:37 am after getting scanned at Shamshabad Sort Facility on Wednesday, 23rd Mar ” was held upfor the whole day and was once again sent back to “Shamshabad Sort Facility at 11:52 pm”.
When contacted the support team non of the team(even a single person) was able to answer and they were simply going on repeating saying it will be delivered.
They are not delivering my parcel. When i contact flipkart support they say that my pincode was wrong, but my pincode is correct.
They are playing games with the customers, till now it has passed 70hours but till now it hasn’t reached. I have contacted customer care, they are not providing any details, just saying we are escalating. They are not willing to give the Courier hub Contact number or address to pick the parcel. They are hiding something by simply taking customers money.

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